Visibility – Macroscopically, the site visibility report consists of the web site’s current position in the major search engines available in the online space. Generally, the common engines and the information pertaining to the ranking of the web site in each of these engines are provided.

Page Ranking- There are a lot of ways to publicize your website, but in most businesses none are better than making sure search engines like Google and Yahoo are noticing your site and ranking it highly.

Depth Analysis - Depth analysis will show you more than just your saturation level, it will also determine your website's link popularity. This is simply a count of the web sites that link to your site.

Meta Tags - Meta Tag analyzing is the constant occupation of many a competitive online vendor. In order to attract attention to your business without spending a fortune on advertising, you must be able to draw business from search engine traffic.

Blog Reviews - Popular blogs are those that make meaningful social or political comments upon some aspect of modern life that readers find relevant. This area of commentary can be anything from hard-hitting political news to actresses’ latest fashion faux pas, a photo commentary of the losses of war or a coded satire of television’s stars.

Search Engine Placement - Having your website listed closer to the top on search engine results will lead directly to more traffic to your website. This, in turn, will generate more revenue for you in the form of ad clicks, direct sales, or publicity for your product or service.